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Is Bad Hygiene a Symptom of Depression?

With depression, you sometimes can’t get out of bed, shower, or brush your teeth. Is it time to add these symptoms to the DSM?

Video Transcript

A study came out recently and the study authors say that they think it’s a huge oversight that treatment and symptom lists for depression don’t include anything about hygiene and grooming habits.

Because as many of us know, one of the biggest things with depression is that sometimes you feel like you can’t get out of bed, you can’t even get in the shower, you can’t brush your teeth. But if you go to a symptom list, you’re not going to find this.

I thought that was really fascinating because it just shows that information around mental health is still stuck in the old ways.

I recently created what I think are the first-ever Best of Mental Health Awards. I am a journalist, I have two decades of experience. I’m the former editor-in-chief of Women’s Health, beauty director of Allure. I founded a site called Mental at clubmental.com, and we interviewed 17 experts. We were guided by over 60-plus clinical studies and created the Best of Mental Health Awards.

One of the categories is called Quick Clean, and it’s basically what are the best products to use if you are actually so depressed that you cannot get in the shower or brush your teeth? What is the mouthwash ingredient you need? What are the best face and body wipes?

When I found that study, I was like, nobody’s talking about this in the right way, right? We really actually need to address the needs of people acknowledging that there are going to be times in life where you might need to rely on that type of stuff, and you really need to know what are the vetted products and what is the stuff that’s really going to work.

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