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Sparse spots on the scalp? When you have trichotillomania, it’s an occupational hazard. This mental health condition involves pulling out hair from your scalp, which can create bald patches at your crown or hairline. According to hairstylists we’ve spoken with, this L’Oréal Paris spray is one of the best coverup options for people with trichotillomania. Why? Let us count the ways.

  1. Many root sprays latch onto existing hairs, but people with trich need pigments that attach to scalp skin where there are no hairs. This spray does just that.
  2. Its thin applicator allows for precise coverage, so you can target small areas but you also don’t need a ton to cover even large swaths.
  3. The formula dries matte without leaving behind sticky residue. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so it won’t run if you’re caught in the rain.
  4. Plucking hairs can make your scalp sensitive. This spray is free of ammonia and peroxide, classic hair-dye chemicals that can be irritating.
  5. It’s available in nine colors, from black to blonde to red and in between. As one Amazon reviewer wrote, it was “a self-esteem saver” when dealing with hair thinning.

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