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This Naikan Practice Will Make You Feel Grateful Instantly

Naikin gratitude practice is an alternative type of gratitude practice designed to put life into perspective for you. Here’s how it works.

Video Transcript

If regular gratitude practices are not working for you, I’ve got the answer. It’s a Japanese practice that’s kind of like a gratitude practice, but it also includes how you have caused trouble for other people in your life and the world in general.

There’s something so negative about this, it makes me really want to use it. I’m the former Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health and the founder of Mental, which is a mental health lifestyle brand for women. I asked people in the month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness month, to give me their best tips for when life is bananas. What do they do in the moment or generally to calm down? And one of the tips that came through was about a Naikan gratitude practice.

It’s kind of like a gratitude practice. You also write down who you’ve caused trouble for, and what you have done to not deserve gratitude. It puts things in perspective, right? That’s what a gratitude practice is meant to do—put things in perspective for you. But it’s another way in.

The person who recommended this tip is the executive beauty director of Goop, and she said that doing this for 20 minutes, writing this all down for 20 minutes even for just a week, just completely changes your perspective on life.

Anybody here tried Naikin? If so, I want to hear how it went for you.

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