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Hairline, scalp, brows, lashes: check times four. From fibers to turbans, this merch gives good coverage.

Magnetic Fake Lashes

Magnetic falsies—with actual magnets at the base of each strip—make it safer and easier to go faux (the adhesive in traditional lash glue can lead to even more irritation in the area). Glamnetic comes in six styles, and trichsters say wearing them prevents pulling out the lashes they have left.


Brow Pencil

Four reasons this is a trich-community fave: The precise tip for feathering in brow hairs where none exist. The smooth wax formula in easy-to-apply pencil form. The 12 shades, ID’d by both main hair color and undertone for the best match. And the spoolie brush to create a natural finish.

Dimension-Adding Spray

Seven shades. Strengthening biotin. And, most importantly, actual dimension, not flat, matte coverage—so it doesn’t look fake. Spritz it on to cover patchy spots along your hairline and temples.


So much oui here. It’s stylish. It’s sophisticated. It’s classic black. It almost seems named after Audrey Tautou, you know, if she needed to cover a thinning crown.


This vintage-style turban is pre-stitched in place so you don’t even have to wrap it yourself—just plop it on like a cap and pretend you’re 1960s Elizabeth Taylor.

Nozzle Color Spray

This versatile spritzer has a clever nozzle with two spray settings, which means you can cover a small, targeted area on your head or disperse color more broadly. Six shades, and color stays put till you wash. 

Matte Scalp Color

Seamless scalp coverage in mere seconds, and it dries matte, so no sticky visage. Comes in nine shades that—smart, L’Oréal!—perfectly match L’Oréal Paris home hair colors.

Hair Fibers

For wispy spots where color sprays just won’t cut it, this cult favorite contains magnetically charged keratin fibers that create a surprisingly realistic thickening effect. Available in nine shades.

Mineral Powder for Thin Spots

Great for when you need to precisely fill a thin spot on the crown or along your hairline. Swipe the brush over the water-resistant mineral powder, and press it into your scalp—done. Comes in eight colors.

Color Stamp for Oily Hair

Just press the puff applicator into your roots like a stamp to build up color. It deposits long-wearing powder, which absorbs any oil that could otherwise break down the color pigments. Available in seven shades.

Top Piece

For thinning at the crown or all over, a top piece (also called a topper) is your best bet. If you have fine hair, a voluminous hairpiece can overwhelm, so look for one like this, with a small, thin base. Available in 29 shades.

Clip-In Bangs

Clip-in bangs like these—with longer layers to sweep back and blend with the natural hair—can conceal a receding hairline or thinning at the crown with very little weight and bulk. 

On-The-Go Touch-Ups

Speedy, natural-looking, water-resistant coverage that won’t move or smear until your next shampoo. Great for roots, hairline, or anywhere else that looks sparse. Comes in six shades.

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