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Mood-calming stuff—whether you've got contamination issues, rumination irritations, or good old-fashioned anxiety.

Texture Stickers

Reusable stickers that web designer Laura keeps on her laptop “as a tactile reminder to stay in the moment.” Rub or scratch the gritty surface to, as the brand’s founder puts it, ground yourself through touch.


Tangle Toy

Teacher assistant Kat uses a tangle toy to calm her down when she’s anxious. This one, from a series of nine (mostly chic) prints, doesn’t look like it belongs in a first grader’s desk—goal, achieved.

Wooden Bracelets

“Because of my OCD, I have superstitions—like, if I don’t knock on wood, something bad will happen. Graphic wood jewelry means I always have wood nearby.” —AKL

Pure O Biography

For those who have intrusive thoughts of the sexual or violent variety, Cartwright’s raw, honest, often funny story of dealing with, and eventually recovering from, obsessive, graphic thoughts is the book for anyone who has pure O and wants to know they aren’t the only ones.

Medication Keychain

So what if it’s made for pot? This lil clay trinket is the most whimsical way to carry mental health meds with you when you’re on the go. Open the mushroom cap to access your pills.

Travel Shoe Bags

So shoes don’t touch clothes inside your luggage. Made of laminated nylon—key: machine-washable—each 12X15 bag has a colored zipper (we like Aqua), so if you’re suitcase-sharing, you can quickly spot yours.

Hand Towels

Made of Turkish cotton (softer, longer fibers than the regular type), these hand towels are so thick and so plush and don’t get all soggy no matter how much you hand-wash—and dry.

Hand Sanitizer

Must sanitizing look clinical? Nope. These credit-card-length spritzers get it done adorably with 70% alcohol; aloe so: no skin-stinging; and a dope peach scent.

Hand Cream

“The only cream that saves my red, raw, washed-100-times-a-day hands. It seems to seal small cuts overnight. Colloidal oatmeal reduces irritation, ceramides moisturize deeply, and there’s no fragrance.” —AKL

Platform Birks

When you wanna wear Birkenstocks and bell-bottomy jeans but don’t want the bottom of those bells to drag along the ground (because: cross-contamination). AKL loves the White Birko-Flor shade.

Hair Towel

“I don’t like drying my face and hair with the same towel I use on my body,” says AKL, who wraps her waves in this waffle-weave towel for five to 10 minutes, no rubbing needed. The wicking tech soaks up all the water, Speedy Gonzales–style.

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