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Healing skin salves, nail chic that interrupts the pick, and other useful ways to scratch the itch without any actual scratching.

Dry Body Brush

“I’m always seeking out touch sensations. Having enough stimulation with a dry brush throughout the day helps me not seek self-injurious stimulation,” says one reader, who recos this brush for its on-the-go size.

Hydrocolloid Patches

These thin, hydrocolloid patches keep a picked area moist and clean while it’s still a wound, helping to speed healing. You get 96 patches in two sizes that, once applied, really stay put and can be topped with makeup for further coverage.

Redness-Correcting Concealer

It’s a cheapie but a goodie. People who pick use this before their regular concealer to neutralize any redness on the spot. The creamy formula won’t cake, and you just need a touch. On an open wound, be sure to dab the wand onto a clean finger so you don’t get bacteria into the tube.

Picking Stone

“I have dermatillomania, and using this 100% eliminates my urge to pick at my skin,” says one of thousands of Etsy reviews for this ridged, hole-y stone, which you can refill after you’ve gone at it with the included tools. Quite genius, really.

Skin-Healing Duo

After you’ve picked, your skin needs healing, not more inflammation. Pickers say this combo helps heal their sorest spots. PostPick soothes with anti-inflammatory botanicals and vegan probiotics; follow it with Pickfix, whose essential oils may reduce swelling.

Nail Polish

For social media pro Kristin, a red coat serves as a visual stop sign to stop picking at hangnails. “Essie is really durable polish, even if you do get a pick in. This red has a little orange in it that makes it modern.”

Full-Coverage Concealer

On just-picked spots, it’s best to let them heal before putting on makeup. But if you gotta cover up, a few of our fave people who skin-pick consider this their fave concealer. It’s liquid, so it won’t cake around the edges like a powder can, and the creamy, oil-free, opaque coverage means it’ll stay put.

Glue-On Nails

Nail-picker? Ya need actual glue-ons—nail stickers are too easy to pry off. Go short and round because A) it’s classic-chic, and B) square, almond, or coffin shapes leave too much of an edge. Earthy browns are hot for fall. (Don’t love the hue? Filter by “round” for others.)


Body Balm

Apply a little dab from this TikTok-approved tub to help heal body spots you’ve picked at. It’s petrolatum-based (like Vaseline), so it acts like skin armor, but it also contains hyaluronic acid, which draw moisture in, and ceramides, which refortify skin’s barrier.

Gentle Cleanser

This ointment-like wash gets two thumbs up as an irritation-calmer for face-skin pickers. It could almost be your breakfast, with colloidal oatmeal (soothing!) and 3 percent oat kernel oil (moisturizing!). ’K, but don’t eat it (though it is vegan and gluten-free).

Zit Stickers

A cute-ly packaged way to both clear up a zit (with salicylic acid) and prevent picking at it. These clear little stickers—each pouch comes with 30 of ’em, in three sizes—are hydrocolloids, meaning they won’t dry out your skin while covering a pimple.

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