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Clothes to curl up in, blankets that hug you back, and simple solutions for when you just can’t.

Eye Brighteners

Draw bronzy Anise over lids, then dot shimmery Stella around eyes’ inner corners, to instantly perk up your outer appearance, even when your insides don’t quite match. Thrive Eye Brightener features a creamy texture that’s pretty un-mess-up-able and takes like two minutes to apply. Extra perk: Each stick has a built-in sharpener on the opposite end.

Wellness Journal

“I find this method of journaling, where the journal asks you questions, to be less intimidating than blank pages,” says one reader. “Helps get me out of repetitive thought ruts.” Customize with your name.

Lightweight Sweatpants

“They’re so silky, even though they’re cotton,” says one Mental-ite. “The oversized fit is perfect for curling up. Then you can wear them out without looking like you bought two sizes too big. Pockets are a plus for changes of scenery to carry your phone, glasses, meds.”

Body Wipes

A reader with depression uses these on her body when she can’t muster the effort to shower. Oil-free and perpetually sold-out, they contain salicylic acid, which cleans out pores and fights acne. The delightful waft of grapefruit may help, too: Science says that citrus scents are uplifting.

Medication Keychain

So what if it’s made for pot? This lil clay trinket is the most whimsical way to carry mental health meds with you when you’re on the go. Open the mushroom cap to access your pills.

Black Eyeliner

When AKL feels gloomy, tracing this liner along her lower inner eye rims instantly makes her feel seen. “It’s like, I’m here world,” she says. It’s a visual cue with an edge—and after years of running Allure’s Best of Beauty, she’s found no better stay-in-place liner.

Silk Pillowcase

“I spend a lot of time in bed,” says artist Aleksandra. “This pillowcase helps make that a pleasant experience.” Oeko-Tex-certified (no harmful substances) and machine-washable! A biggie for silk—and us.

Dry Shampoo

Sometimes showering feels like a big deal but you need your hair to look presentable. This dry shamp has no parabens, sulfates—or clear residue (so swears one deep-brunette Mental-ite).

Concealer Pencil

One reader uses this concealer stick (from makeup artist Bobbi Brown’s new line) to hide dark circles and red splotches after crying or sleep-deprived nights. It’s a long-lasting solid, but easy to swipe and pat in, and its clear base = no chalkiness. In 25 shades—pick by skin color and undertones.



“I feel perpetually tired, so I drink a ton of tea. I love these by Sis Got Teas, a woman-, Black-, LGBTQ-owned business,” says Aleksandra. Her fave black tea has spicy, floral notes and dried orange peel bits.

Inspo Reading

“During a deep bout of depression, this book helped me rethink what love looks like and can be, with myself and my ‘tribe.’ I finished it feeling like I had the best hug ever.” —TikTok creator Micaela

Face Steam

Try this weekly, zen-out regimen from one Mental-ite: Drop a tablespoon of these dried flowers into a stainless-steel bowl, pour in hot water, and, with a fluffy towel draped over your head, steam your face for 10 minutes.

Bath Salts

A sleep schedule helps one reader feel happier and less isolated. This soak is “a cue it’s time for bed.” Epsom salts soothe muscles; chamomile and lavender soothe the mind; melatonin has antioxidant properties.

Long-Sleeve PJs

“These PJs are my life, and they last for years. They’re like an outfit, so if you can’t get dressed, you still feel dressed,” says Kristin. “I have a lot of sleep problems, and they’re cool to sleep in and at least don’t wake me up because I’m too hot.”

Electric Toothbrush

This electric wonder has made a big diff in one reader’s nightly ritual. “I used to feel like I was brushing just to brush. My new toothbrush has a sensor that indicates when you are pushing too hard, bringing me back into the moment and making me more mindful of my body.”

Fleece Sheets

There’s something comforting to the mind about fleece on the skin. “When I’m having a crappy day, the sensorial touch of the fleece just soothes.” Made of polar fleece, these feel almost like a baby blanket. So friggin’ plush.

Faux Fur Blanket

“I always snuggle up in these blankets. Super soft and cozy and warm, like a cocoon, and I like to pet them while I’m blobbing out in them,” says a reader. “They kind of make you feel like you’re getting a furry hug when you need it most.”


“For really bad times when brushing my teeth feels like too much, my dentist recommended swishing with Oxyfresh,” says one reader. It’s got peppermint oil and xylitol for minty-freshness, proprietary Oxygene to fight bad breath, but no alcohol, so no burning sensation.


Real Talk Self-Help

“A friend reco’d this after I got laid off and felt worthless. I devoured the audiobook in a few highway drives,” says one reader. Manson makes a great f*cking case for only giving f*cks about what truly matters.

Nether-Region Wipes

“When I’m depressed, showering can be impossible for weeks,” says one reader. “Wipes at least make you feel clean and you don’t feel ashamed for being dysfunctional.” She uses these “for the cooter and armpits and butt” and then trashes them: “My super told me they don’t flush well.”

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