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Bipolar Disorder

Routine-simplifiers, jewelry that reminds you to breathe, and a few little things to make mood-tracking less of a chore.

Medication Keychain

So what if it’s made for pot? This lil clay trinket is the most whimsical way to carry mental health meds with you when you’re on the go. Open the mushroom cap to access your pills.

Wake-Up Light

Why do we only sleep-train toddlers? Sleep problems overlap nearly every mental health issue. That’s where this gadget comes in. “The sunlight simulation helps with falling asleep and waking up,” one reader says, calling the light “the most important thing I have to manage my bipolar. And it makes me hate mornings less.”

Versatile Turtleneck

“Anything that takes away the stress of decisions helps,” says Lisa. “I have this turtleneck in multiple colors because it’s the closest I have to a uniform: It works three seasons of the year. You can dress it up or down. It’s super flattering and makes you look instantly put together.”

Journaling Pen

Tracking moods and symptoms is a daily task with bipolar, so: make it fashion. “Having a nice pen makes it more appealing to track if you are old-school and keep a paper journal like me,” says a reader. Both minimalist (slim!) and maximalist (gold!) at once, this writes as beautifully as it looks, no smudges.

Water Bottle

If you take lithium for bipolar, it can make you super thirsty. This sculpture is actually a 17 oz stainless-steel water bottle (no BPA, PVC, or phthalates), and its mere sight makes us cheery.

Mood-Tracking App

When docs asked developer Michelle to log her moods in a journal, all that blankness was overwhelming. She turned to this symptom- and mood-tracking app, which she finds much easier to use. The app now offers weekly reports, too.

Seltzer Stemware

Alcohol and bipolar meds don’t often mix well. One reader drinks her Polar seltzer out of fancy stemware when hanging with friends. “It makes me feel like I’m having a cocktail or at least makes boring seltzer feel more interesting.” Retro, colored wine glasses are cool again, and emerald-teal is gorg for the ‘gram.

Breathing Necklace

Inspired by 17th century Japanese monks who used a flute to “blow zen,” this 2-inch puff-into-it pendant helps slow your breathing. One reader with bipolar told us it reminds her to breathe through her anxiety.

Makeup Washcloth

“Routine is helpful. I feel really good about myself if I wash my face before bed,” says one reader. Made of hair-like fibers that, with just water, “remove everything with minimal effort. Washing my face is much less of a chore.” Throw ’em all in the washing machine once a week.

Food Storage Containers

One person with bipolar meal preps when not having an episode so when she’s low she has healthy foods to warm up. To make it easy on yourself, these three-compartment containers can be used in the microwave, freezer, and dishwasher, and the plastic is BPA- and phthalate-free.

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