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Help for idle hands, treasures for focus and forgetfulness, and fidgets even adults can love.

Transparent Knife Stand

Oh, rainbow knife set, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways… 1. Your minimalistic acrylic case that lets us know exactly what we’re grabbing. 2. Your iridescent hue that chics up our kitchen. 3. Your titanium nitride coating that makes cleaning simple.

Shower Speaker

If it helps to listen to tunes while you shower, we love this: It’s cute, it’s moody pink, it’s waterproof, and it’ll hook up to your phone and apps and play whatever you love.

Finder Device

Attach this cute little coin to anything you regularly misplace (keys, cat), then let your iPhone lead you right to it (via actual GPS if you have an 11 or beyond). Free engraving with initials or emojis—no 🍌 yet, but we’re working on it…


Sequined Pillow

One influencer with ADHD told us she runs her hand across a sequined pillow when she needs to keep her hands busy. We love this 20×20 color-changing pillow cover, which goes from white to silver. Scratch in your own designs!

Pop It Keychain

“I always need to be moving around in some aspect,” says college student Abby. “Pop-it’s are great for that.” This mini keychain’s amorphous, robot-y shape gives us Prada vibes…for less than a latte.

Phone Case with Wallet

Your phone, your ID, your CC: all together, no forgetting. Loving this lavender pattern from Insta influencer Kaley Munday, whose vegan-leather case has a finger loop and room for two cards.

Medication Keychain

So what if it’s made for pot? This lil clay trinket is the most whimsical way to carry mental health meds with you when you’re on the go. Open the mushroom cap to access your pills.

Ziplock Storage Organizer

Ziplock bags aren’t the most glamorous part of life, but they don’t have to be such an annoying, messy one. This acrylic organizer is about as sleek-looking as they come, and makes getting what you need fast and easy—no bags floating around shelves or dotting apartment floors.

Brown Noise Machine

Brown noise: the antidote to ADHD distractions? Like pouring rain or gusts of wind, it has a lower pitch than white noise. There isn’t a pile of data behind it, but our peeps swear by its calming effects. Take this on-the-go cutie to school, work, anywhere.

Mini Fridge

Adorably retro in millennial pink, this wee thing (10x7x10) fits six 12 oz cans, so you can store water, drinks, and snacks in any room (or office). One reader uses it as a reminder to not let the whole day go by without eating and hydrating.

Doorknob Bags

These machine-washable, organic cotton bags can house everything you need for the next day so you don’t end up in a scramble—put stuff in, cinch together, hang over your bedroom or house doorknob. So much prettier than typical mesh or plastic.

Spinner Ring

Leave the plastic fidget spinners to the very very youngs. This matte, stainless steel ring is a true example of fashion-meets-function. Spin the outer rim, and the micro-precision gears jump into action. CHIC.

Visual Timer

When you can’t focus on the task at hand, create a simulated deadline with a timer that’s not on your phone (too many distractions there!). This little guy—a bit larger than 2x2x2—comes with pre-sets for 5, 15, 30, and 60 minutes. And he looks adorbs on any surface.

Junk Drawer Organizer

Make your junk drawer less of an endless black hole. One reader with ADHD said using an actual organizer, instead of makeshift empty boxes, was a huge diff for her. We love this bamboo one, which keeps all your junk looking less, well, junky.

Therapy Dough

“Squishy stuff that’s manipulative” gives one woman something to mess with while working. This pretty, pliable dough—in a tub the size of a Starbucks lid—was created by a hypnotherapist specializing in stress.

Organizing Hangers

“I’ve always had trouble organizing my clothes. Out of sight, out of mind,” says a friend with ADHD. “With these hangers, everything is visible and less overwhelming.” Use vertically or horizontally.

Meds Reminder Bottle Cap

“The most important thing for my brain fog is never missing a dose of meds,” says one Mental reader. “I use these things religiously to know I took them (because the brain fog makes me think I maybe didn’t…or did I?” 🤨

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